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The Enchantress Co., established in 2015, is the creative extension of Oya Aja Oshun. She hails from the beautiful mountains in upstate of Travelers Rest, South Carolina where her roots are deeply tied and interwoven in the old Southern traditions of hoodoo, rootwork & conjure. The old way of "fixin" like our grandmothers & other matrons of our bloodline practiced.

Oya, through her experience and observation of the "spiritual community" and the new "Neo-Hoodoo" movement, noticed the lack of personalization and the proliferation of "cookie-cutter" conformity of products and services. Through her extensive personal study and practice along with deep lineage in the Traditional Southern Hoodoo practice, she began to create products that mirrored a unique and creative approach to truly working conjure with a heightened sense of individualism. The Enchantress Co. was birthed by staying true to the old traditional, southern ways of Hoodoo, Rootwork and Conjure and getting back to the basics of our culture by incorporating the elements, the realm of spirit by ancestral veneration, candles, condition oils, herbs, roots and mostly, personal belief and power.



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