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Discover the Tranquility and Power of the "Cordero Manso" Oil


This drop is a 4oz bottle


Will be shipped the week of 7/1/2024


Are you struggling with difficult individuals in your life? Do you wish for more peace, harmony, and cooperation from those around you? Introducing the "Cordero Manso" oil, also known as the "Tame Lamb" or "Meek Lamb" oil – a powerful Hoodoo product designed to pacify and influence, bringing others in line with your desires.


Why Choose the "Cordero Manso" Oil?


Transform Aggressive Behavior: Turn hostility and aggression into calmness and cooperation. This oil works wonders on those who are argumentative or difficult, helping to create a more peaceful environment.


Influence Authority Figures: Gain favor and gentleness from supervisors, judges, or any authority figures. The "Cordero Manso" oil can help sway their decisions and actions to be more beneficial for you.


Enhance Relationships: Foster love, understanding, and harmony in your personal relationships. Soften the hearts of loved ones and create deeper emotional connections.


Historically Rooted: The "Cordero Manso" oil draws on rich African American spiritual traditions, using the metaphor of the gentle lamb to bring about positive change and influence.


Easy to Use:

Whether you are new to Hoodoo or an experienced practitioner, the "Cordero Manso" oil is straightforward to use with clear instructions provided. All you need is the desire for peace and the willingness to follow the steps.


Handcrafted for Potency 


The "Cordero Manso" oil is a unique, handcrafted formula containing lamb hair and lamb's ear. These ingredients are not only symbolic but also add to the power of the oil. The lamb hair represents the gentle and compliant nature of a lamb, promoting meekness and submissiveness. Lamb's ear, known for its soft and velvety texture, symbolizes a receptive and open nature, encouraging peace and harmony.


Additionally, this oil is blended with other roots and herbs renowned for their calming and influential properties. These natural ingredients work together to foster peace, compliance, and allow others to be led as a shepherd leads his sheep.


Order Now and Experience the Peaceful Power of the "Cordero Manso" Oil. This is a Limited Drop of the formula. 


Don't let conflict and aggression rule your life. Bring harmony and compliance to your relationships and interactions with the transformative power of the "Cordero Manso" oil. Order today and take the first step towards a more peaceful and cooperative world.


Results may vary but not guaranteed

Curio purposes only

Tame Lamb

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