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Ven a Mi or Come to Me is a drawing/attraction oil used to draw in or attract a new love interest or to draw a person closer to you. It is used for attraction, love and seduction and encourages communication (in the context of love). This blend can also be used to attract money and opportunities to you. 

My Ven a Mi has been carefully blended with certain attraction/drawing herbs and does include authentic Ven a Mi. 

This oil can be used to anoint candles, wear on your body, added to baths, petitions, and objects that belong to the target. A good use for a target would be their shoes (to have them come to you) or anything that they use or wear on their head such as a hairbrush or their hat to make them think about you and desire to come to you. 




~I make no guarantees and products are sold as a curio only~

Ven a Mi - Come to Me

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