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Revelations 2:5

Consider how far you have fallen! Repent and do the things you did at first. If you do not repent, I will come to you and remove your lampstand from its place.


The Enchanting Allure of Forget Me Not Oil

In the realm of romance and mystical tradition, there exists a potion that transcends the ordinary confines of love—Forget Me Not Oil. This essence of eternal devotion is crafted not just for lovers but for all romantics at heart. Its promise is potent; with every drop, a bond that deepens, a fidelity that remains unshaken, and a connection that endures the test of time and distance.


Infuse your relationship with the magic of Forget Me Not Oil, the essence of eternal devotion. Exquisitely designed for the romantics at heart, this oil is your secret to a love that lasts, a bond that deepens, and a fidelity that remains unshaken. Whether you're together or miles apart, let this oil be the bridge that connects your souls.


 Forget Me Not Oil is not just a potion; it’s a promise in a bottle, delivering:


- Unbreakable unity between partners, regardless of distance.

- An ever-flourishing love that blooms with time.

- Protection against the temptations that threaten love’s sanctuary.

- A nurturing of your bond, guiding it towards the ultimate pledge of forever.



  • Love Work: The charm of Forget-Me-Not is a staple in amorous enchantments, aimed at deepening the emotional connection between partners and anchoring fidelity. They serve as a mystical reminder for your presence in the mind and soul of your partner, warding off distractions and the possibility of emotional wandering. 


  • Reconciliation Work: When discord weaves into the tapestry of love, Forget-Me-Not oil offers a path to harmony, easing tensions and opening hearts towards forgiveness. It acts as a balm to soothe emotional wounds and rekindle the warm embers of love that once united estranged souls. My blend contains Ewe Orijin leaf sometimes referred to as the "Forgiveness Plant," is believed to have spiritual significance and is used in various spiritual and traditional practices in West Africa. In these contexts, it is thought to have the power to promote forgiveness, reconciliation, and healing of spiritual wounds. It is believed to have the ability to help mend broken relationships and promote harmony. 


  •  Memorial Offerings: In a sacred gesture of remembrance, this oil can be used to honor ancestors and on candles placed upon your ancestor altar or marking the final resting places of the departed. It serves as a tribute to keep the essence of the departed alive, allowing their legacy to be held in esteem and love.


  •  Protection: Forget-Me-Not provides a shield in spells crafted to combat forgetfulness or the slip of important memories. It is a spiritual safeguard, ensuring the retention and protection of precious memories and knowledge.


  •  Interviews/Successful Endeavors/First Dates : Forget-Me-Not also finds its way into the hearts of those seeking success in new ventures.  Wearing the oil during job interviews or important meetings can be seen as an emblem to highlight one's strengths and ensure they remain in the forefront of decision-makers' minds. The oil acts as an enhancer of personal attributes, helping to leave a lasting impression of one's capabilities and potential. Wearing the oil on first dates leaves a lasting impression on the person's mind about you. It embelishes and highlights your greatest features and attributes. 


  • Communication Rituals: In Hoodoo, to foster open lines of communication, Forget-Me-Not can be used. A person might anoint their phone, computer, or on a written petition to encourage someone to contact them. This can be particularly useful for those awaiting important news or wanting to maintain a connection with someone distant.



  • Financial Rituals: As part of "Pay Me Now" works or other financial spells, Forget-Me-Not can be included to ensure that one's financial needs are not forgotten by those who owe money or by the universe when calling upon abundance. Pay Me Now oil also available. Click here.


  • Success in Exams: Students can use Forget-Me-Not for exams or interviews where they need to remember important information, invoking the flower's association with memory and retention.


  • Dream Work: Forget-Me-Not oil can be used in rituals or upon the head prior to sleep to promote dreaming about a particular person or subject, or for dream recall to ensure important messages received in dreams are not forgotten upon waking.



~I make no guarantees and products are sold as a curio only~


Forget Me Not Oil

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