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Isaiah 43:15-16 


"I am the Lord, your Holy One The Creator of Israel, your King, who makes a way through the sea and a path through the mighty waters"



Introducing "Waymaker" - The Ultimate Path Clearing Formula


My "Waymaker" blend is a powerful concoction, designed to enhance your journey towards success and personal breakthroughs. It stands as a potent amplifier (blockbuster on steroids) to traditional hoodoo practices, taking inspiration from revered road-opening and obstacle-removing formulas, but with an intensity that sets it apart. This dynamic blend is meticulously crafted to work in synergy with "Abre Camino," "Road Opening," and "Crown of Success" formulas, elevating their properties to new heights.


The essence of "Waymaker" is deeply rooted in the spirit of transformation and guidance, drawing upon the ancient wisdom of Isaiah 43:15-16. In these verses, the Lord proclaims Himself as the creator and guide, one who forges paths through insurmountable barriers: "I am the Lord, your Holy One, The Creator of Israel, your King, who makes a way through the sea and a path through the mighty waters." This powerful imagery symbolizes the Lord's ability to create opportunities and navigate through challenges, no matter how daunting they may seem.


Made with but not limited to:

🔥 Ignite Change with Gun Powder Plant


Due to its explosive association, the Gun Powder Plant is sometimes used in spells that aim to facilitate rapid change or transformation. It's believed to help remove obstacles that are stubborn or resistant to change, making it easier for new opportunities to arise.

 This unique element, known for its spiritual explosive potential, symbolizes rapid change and the clearing of all that stands in your way. Its energetic qualities, deeply rooted in historical and spiritual practices, serve as a catalyst for protection spells, obstacle removal, and banishing work. Embrace the force of change that propels you towards your desires, safely harnessed within our blend for your spiritual empowerment.


💫 Purify and Sweep with Arrasa Con Todo (Destroy Everything)


Experience the profound cleansing winds of Arrasa Con Todo, designed to "sweep away & destroy everything" that hinders your path. This powerful component ensures a thorough purification of negative energies, obstacles, and bad luck, leaving a pristine canvas for positivity to flourish. Through rituals, prayers, and the potent properties of specific herbs and incenses, Arrasa Con Todo opens the gates to success, health, happiness, and spiritual growth, embedded in every use of our blend.


🧱 Break Through with Barrier Breaking Brick Dust


 Unleash the unstoppable force of our Barrier Break Brick Dust, sourced from bricks demolished by sheer force. Symbolizing the energetic demolition of life's hurdles, this component infuses your spiritual practice with the power to dismantle blockages, disrupt stagnant energies, and banish obstacles. Incorporate it into your rituals to manifest desires, transform your environment, and empower your spells, paving your way to abundance, prosperity, and success.


This "Triad of Power" blend is not just a product; it's a spiritual tool designed for those ready to command change in their lives and obliterate obstacles that hinder. It can be paired with my Spiritual Barrier Breaking Formula to add extra power. My spiritual barrier breaking formula also dissolved hexes & jinxes, cleanses, wards & protects as well as revive luck. 




Mojo Bags

Shoes/Feet to clear obstacles from you path




Please Note!

Understanding the Distinct Paths: Road Opening vs. Blockbusting


When embarking on a journey of personal transformation or seeking to clear obstacles in your life, it's essential to comprehend the difference between "Road Opening" and "Blockbusting" practices, especially as they relate to the use of Waymaker oil.


Road Opening: Imagine a path you've not tread for years, now obscured by overgrowth. This path represents challenges or blockages that, while daunting, can be cleared with dedication and effort. Road Opening is akin to this process - it involves the removal of obstacles that may have gradually appeared in your life, making it possible to navigate through them with some work by clearing the path ahead of you.


Blockbusting (Waymaker): In contrast, Blockbusting confronts barriers that are impenetrable - as if a formidable wall stands in your way, with no possibility of bypassing it by conventional means. You can't go through it, over it, under it or around it. These barriers require a more potent intervention, symbolized by the Waymaker formula. This approach doesn't just clear the path; it demolishes the obstacles, often leaving a transformative yet chaotic aftermath. (Road opening is normally done after Blockbusting to clear the path. Abre camino is also included in this formula to assist.) The essence of Blockbusting is to obliterate barriers that you might not even realize are hindering your progress towards your goals. These obstacles could range from personal relationships to professional associations.


Before engaging in Blockbusting work, it is crucial to possess a deep and introspective understanding of what or who might be obstructing your path. The revelations might be unexpected, highlighting barriers you hadn't considered, including close relationships or career choices. Therefore, it's vital to approach Blockbusting with caution, awareness, and preparedness for the changes it may bring.


The Waymaker oil is designed for those who are ready to confront and eliminate the most daunting of barriers on their path to success and fulfillment. By understanding the nature of your obstacles, you can choose the most appropriate approach, whether it be gently clearing the way (Road Opening) or forcefully removing the barriers before you when there seems to be no way through. (Blockbusting).



~I make no guarantees and products are sold as a curio only~


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