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Scent Leaf is popularly known as Nchanwu or Effirin. Its botanical name is OCIMUM GRATISSIMUM. It also have many different name in various local dialects.


Scent leaves go by many names. Ocimum gratissimum in Latin; Scent leaf, Clove basil or tea bush in ‘Nigerian English’ and a host of other names in various dialects. The Yorubas of the south west call it Efirin, the Igbos of the south east – Ncho-anwu, Ahuji; The Edos, of the south ‘west/central know it as Aramogbo, the Ibibio of south-south call it Ntong and the Hausa of Northern Nigeria, Daidoya.


  • If You bath with scent leaf, you become spiritually strong, and the evil cannot harm you
  • It drives evil people away from you
  • Scent leaf water heals you of any spiritual injury or attack from a person who does not mean any good for you
  • It cancels out the spell and curses of evil people
  • It accelerates your progress, removes delay and stagnation


To use:

Start by lighting two candles in your bathroom, one on each side of your door. This can be tealights. You can add scent leaf oil to your bath or you can add 5 capfuls to a big bowl of spring water. (This needs to be enough to pour over you) Add a dash of Sea Salt. Stir counter clockwise while reciting a bible verse related to your situation. (example list of Psalms below) After bathing or showering, stand and take bowl and pour water over head. If you cannot pour over your head, start over your shoulders. Do not rinse. Step out of the tub/shower and walk through the candles backwards while stating that you are free/healed/uncrossed etc. Repeat this bath for 3 days. 


For a stronger bath for serious conditions following same steps as above:


  • Scent leaf water
  • 1 bulb of garlic
  • Cut up some limes


Make bath, same as above. Crush the 1 bulb of garlic. Be sure to remove the skin. Cut up limes and add to the water and simmer. Take bath and pour water over you as listed above.


Scent Leaf Oil bath is an oil with the extracted herb. The oil can also be used in candle workings as well. 


Example Psalms

  • Psalm 10: to rid and cleanse unclean or evil spirits

  • Psalm 11: For courage against enemies, or protection from enemies who threaten and cause constant trouble

  • Psalm 15: For exorcism of evil spirits, to prepare a cleansing wash, for gaining the favor of people, and to succeed in what you do

  • Psalm 30: For protection from destruction and enemies, or recovery from a serious illness

  • Psalm 36: For protection against the evil eye, or to expose the lies of a deceitful person

  • Psalm 37: For protection against envious enemies, gossip, and false testimony,or to ward off evil

  • Psalm 40: For exorcisms & cleansing rites, to banish negative entities

  • Psalm 51: For uncrossing, to remove, purify and cleanse sin especially after acts of revenge

  • Psalm 65: For road opening spells, or for success, good fortune & luck

  • Psalm 66: For removing spirits from people & places, for manifesting desires

  • Psalm 68: For exorcism, for preparing cleansing washes & baths

  • Psalms 23: All purpose Psalm




~I make no guarantees and products are sold as a curio only~

Scent Leaf Oil & Bath Oil

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