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This Run Devil Run Oil blend has been formulated to turn away evil, hexes, jinxes and crossed conditions. Also have been called Devil Be Gone, Satan Be Gone and has been used in many practices to banish "the devil" and his helpers and to keep them at bay. 

This oil can be used to keep evil spirits or people with negative intentions from entering your home/business, repel negative and toxic influences in your home or workplace. 




  • Drive away negativity, banish evil intent to open way for positive vibes
  • Repel evil
  • Banish negative energy, toxic influences and dark entities
  • Use to repel evil eye, curses and jinxes/hexes sent your way
  • Banish evil people, bad spirits
  • Used to dress candles, petitions, mojo bags
  • Use oil in mop water, bath water, doorknobs and workplace to banish bad energy
  • Place oil in bowl of salt at entrance way of home to keep bad energy and evil influences from entering in
  • Use with black candle or Devil Candle and dress in downward motion to banish evil and negative influences


~I make no guarantees and products are sold as a curio only~

Run Devil Run Oil

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