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My Rue soap is formulated to cleanse and protect. Rue is known to advert the evil eye and protect from it. Evil Eye is caused by jealousy, envy and fascination and creates a hole in your aura, and if not taken care of, can lead to other spiritual issues. Cleansing with Rue is exceptionally good for this.  To reverse or break a jinx, wash with Rue soap, and follow up with Uncrossing Oil. It is also alleged that Rue can clear away Love Jinxes as well. Wash with Rue and follow up with my Love Uncrossing Oil.


Soap is made from pure glycerin-based soap, avocado oil, organic coconut oil and herbs. This blend does contain shavings of sulfur soap so if you are allergic to sulfur, please do not use.  If you have any allergies, please be advised. I recommend that people with sensitive skin perform a patch test first to ensure there is no reaction. Discontinue if irritation occurs.

If you are uncertain about possible sensitivity, always do a patch test before use or consult your healthcare professional.

Products and advice by The Enchantress Co does not claim to cure or prevent any disease or medical problem and is not intended to substitute other therapy or medical advice.

External use only.


~I make no guarantees and products are sold as a curio only~

Rue Soap

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