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Power & Mastery Oil 2.0, infused with success and victory, can be used for authority, mastery, dominance and leadership. Aids in increasing your own personal power, mastery, and leverage over another individual or a situation.


This oil can be combined with other oils for added power. Can be used with Bend Over to gain more power over a target or situation. Can be used with Crown of Success to have mastery over your success. Can be used with any Love/Attraction oil to have more power and mastery over who or what you are trying to attract.

Made with herbs and roots such as; Master Root, High John Root, Master of the woods, Vencedor and other mastery herbs that create a force of nature to help you to obtain your goals.


  • Authority, mastery, dominance, leadership, success
  • Obtaining personal goals where mastery over the situation is needed
  • Assisting with breaking through obstacles to achieve a desired outcome (good addition to road opening/blockbusting)
  • Use on your hands, documents, mojos, candles, feet, petitions etc


Whether you're aiming for a big promotion at work or striving to reach your personal goals, the Power and Mastery Oil 2.0 will help you tap into your inner power and achieve mastery over your life.



~I make no guarantees and products are sold as a curio only~

Power & Mastery 2.0

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