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Male Genitle, Phallus or Penis candle can be used a varity of ways. They can be used where sex is the objective whether it be to lure someone to you sexually and to have someone captivated by you sexually. They can be used to increase sexual desire and attraction especially when Damiana and Catnip is used. They can also be used to take one's nature and in seperation spells (If man and woman use black penis candle and black vagina candle. Man and Man use two black penis candles). 


Oils that I have that are good to work with this candle are Crave, Bend Over, Song of Solomon, Healing, Follow Me Boy, Stay and High John the Conqueror. This candle can be used by men with High John oil, Song of Solomon, Crave or any love oils of choice rolled in Damiana to make them irresistable or attractive to another. If the targets name is known, inscribe it into the candle. Women (or men interested in men) can inscribe the target's name on the candle and dress with appropriate oils and roll in herbs such as Orris Root, Damiana, Catnip and anoint with oils such as Crave, Follow Me Boy, Bend over etc. These are just a few ideas. 


The color of the candle is based on your intent:


  • Red - Passion and Fiery attraction/love
  • Pink - Romance
  • Black - Banishment/Seperation
  • Purple - Power and Domination
  • White - Healing


***Please be advised***

These candles are made/fixed to order. After purchase, please allow up to 7 days for order to be processed. 



~I make no guarantees and products are sold as a curio only~

Male Genitle Candle

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