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This blend can be used for expelling negativity in a relationship and removing jinxes and hexes aimed towards you and your partner. Elimantes negativity and blockages that emcompass love in individuals or in relationships and can open up the way for new unions. Use to help preserve one's present love life to maintain solidity, balance and harmony while discarding negativity from former personal affiliations, unhealthy attachments, trauma, abuse and neglect so they will not be carried into a new relationship or manifest in a current one. Try with Cut and Clear  and Cut and Clear Candle.




  • Use in work when you think a jinx or hex has been aimed at your relationship
  • Place oil on a picture of you and your partner
  • Place oil in the corners of your marriage certificate
  • Use with a black and white uncrossing candle or any uncrossing 7 day candle found at your local botanica
  • Use with pink and black candle
  • Can be used with white or pink crucifix candle
  • Can be used with a red and black reversible candle
  • Add to bath
  • Use with plain white candle and intent
  • Follow up with protection work around the relationship


~I make no guarantees and products are sold as a curio only~

Love Uncrossing Oil

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