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Known by "I can you can't" and "I can better than you" or "I can more than you" or "I am Stronger than you" oil. This oil is made from one plant only and the essence of this plant has been extracted to make this oil.  It is used to help you stay on top, crush competition in your love life, career, and business by dominating and ensuring success. 


This oil can be used alone with red or purple candles or can be combined with Vencedor (winner), Bend Over and any other condition oil depending on your situation. 



Career advancement and you are in line with a few others for a promotion. You can use Crown of Success, Vencedor and I can more than you. 

For love: you are trying to win the heart of a particular person and another party is involved. You can use a break up oil, I can more than you, Vencedor and Song of Solomon. 


These are just a few ideas. 





~I make no guarantees and products are sold as a curio only~

I Can More Than You Oil

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