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A traditional oil that has roots in Voodoo, Has no Hanna is used to attract love and money and if you gamble, this is a good oil to have. This blend has been made by me but by request only in the past and now has been requested again by a few so I am now making it for the public! It is also used to keep those you love close to you or to assist to keep a lover from straying. It is alleged that if you anoint your purse or wallet once a day with it, you will never be without money. My blend contains herbs and roots from the traditional recipe but also includes Pega Pega (Catch Catch) - to attract and capture among a few other secret ingredients. 


  • Wear on your body to keep those you love close to you
  • Anoint the back of your lovers picture with the oil and pin behind your headboard. This can be combined with Stay Oil for extra power.
  • Rub on hands before gambling or playing games of chance
  • Brings in good luck and is very good when used with Fast Luck Oil
  • Use with red, gold and green candles. White can be used also
  • Pray into the bottle of oil or speak your intent upon using


Comes in 1oz/30ml bottle and crafted the "old traditional way" with a golden safety pin to "Pin down" or "Catch, grab-a-hold and keep" what you need!



~I make no guarantees and products are sold as a curio only~

Has no Hanna Oil - Money, Luck, Love & Fidelity

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