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Break Stubborn Witchcraft  & Cast Out the Curse: Power Up Your Protection


In a world where the unseen forces play as much a part in our lives as the seen, the presence of hexes, curses, and various forms of witchcraft looms as a profound spiritual concern. These negative energies, known for wreaking havoc through financial distress, relationship turmoil, and health issues, can linger and accumulate, perpetuating a cycle of misfortune and despair.


This witchcraft removing Formula offers a beacon of hope and protection. Specifically crafted to counteract these dark forces, this potent oil blends the power of Epo Obo & Igi Nla, revered for their formidable removing, cleansing, purifying, and protective properties. Each ingredient is selected for its ability to break through negative energies and safeguard against future spiritual attacks.


Epo Obo (Ficus Platyphylla), a bark held in high esteem by the Yoruba people of Southwest Nigeria for its strong anti-witchcraft properties. Used for generations by traditional healers, Epo Obo is renowned for its ability to repel evil spirits, create protective barriers, and treat spiritual convulsions. Its presence is so powerful that malevolent forces are believed to flee from it. This remarkable bark plays a crucial role in our formula, offering a robust defense mechanism that sends negativity back to its source, clears "evil hands," and removes obstacles in your path.


Complementing Epo Obo is Igi Nla, a bark sourced from the majestic trees of West Africa, known for its unparalleled strength in banishing and combating evil. Dubbed the "daddy" of all protectors and known to be stronger than Epo Obo, Igi Nla, or "ASORIN" in the Yoruba language, combines with Epo Obo to form an unbeatable duo. Its bark and root are integral to crafting powerful charms that fortify against dark forces.


The term Egbo Iginla embodies the essence of our formula—drawing from the rich Yoruba tradition of herbal medicine, where plants are not only healers of the body but also protectors of the spirit. These herbs serve as shields against evil, purifiers of the soul, and essential elements in rituals that honor the spiritual journey. Our preparation is steeped in the wisdom of generations, activated through prayers, incantations, and rituals that unlock the spiritual potency of these natural defenders.


This formula is more than just a product; it's a testament to the power of heritage, the strength of nature, and the enduring belief in protection against the unseen. Arm yourself with the power to break witchcraft and cast out the curse. Power up your protection and reclaim your peace, health, and prosperity.



Incorporating the profound act of breaking clay pots into the Essence of Epo Obo & Igi Nla Formula adds a layer of spiritual symbolism and power that deeply enhances its efficacy. This act, rooted in the biblical passage from Psalms 2:9, "You will break them with a rod of iron; you will dash them to pieces like pottery," serves as a foundational principle in our approach to breaking witchcraft and negative influences.


The ritual of shattering a clay pot with a rod of iron—or in our specific practice, a hammer specially designated for such sacred work—embodies the ultimate authority and the irrevocable breaking of resistance. This symbolic act is a declaration of power over adversarial forces, illustrating that just as pottery can be easily smashed to pieces, so too can the grip of curses, hexes, and spiritual bondage be utterly destroyed.


Upon reciting the verse from Psalms, a clay pot is intentionally broken, and its pieces are then integrated into the master bottle of this formula. This inclusion not only enhances the oil's spiritual potency but also imbues it with several layers of symbolic significance:


Symbol of Authority: The broken pottery pieces echo the biblical promise of divine power over negativity, symbolizing the practitioner's exercise of an authority that shatters curses, hexes, jinxes, bad luck, and the evil eye, rendering such malevolent forces powerless.


Act of Breaking: The tangible act of breaking the clay pot acts as a potent ritualistic gesture, representing the eradication of spiritual bondage and the liberation from spells or curses. It's a vivid enactment of faith in a higher power's ability to obliterate the chains that bind.


Visual Representation: These shards serve as a constant visual testament to the fragility and eventual defeat of all forces that stand against divine will. They remind us that no entity, no matter how daunting, can withstand the authority vested in those who wield the power of spiritual truth.


Connection to the Earth: Clay, being a natural element derived directly from the earth, symbolizes the physical realm that witchcraft seeks to corrupt. The breaking of the clay pot, therefore, signifies the triumph of the spiritual over the physical, metaphorically removing or breaking the witchcraft affixed upon the individual.


By infusing the Essence of Epo Obo & Igi Nla Formula with the shattered pieces of a clay pot, we not only reinforce the oil's protective and cleansing properties but also provide a tangible connection to the profound spiritual principles that guide our work. This unique aspect of our formula serves as a powerful reminder of the unbreakable bond between the earthly and the divine, offering those who use it a robust shield against the dark forces that seek to encroach upon their lives.



~I make no guarantees and products are sold as a curio only~








Essence of Epo Obo and Igi Nla

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