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Break the Spell & Cast Out the Curse
Power Up Your Protection



Hexes and curses or any form of witchcraft, are considered to be serious spiritual attacks that can cause a range of negative effects, such as financial problems, relationship issues, and even health problems. These negative energies can linger and accumulate, leading to a cycle of bad luck and misfortune.


This hex removing formula has been specifically formulated to break these negative energies and protect against future attacks. This oil has been crafted with a combination of herbs and essential oils, which are believed to have powerful removing, cleansing and protective properties.


This oil contains Epo OboBlack Cohosh, and Devil’s shoestring as well as others.  These herbs are believed to have strong protective properties and can help to break any curses or hexes that have been placed on an individual.



  • Epo Obo, Fícus Platyphyfla stem bark known as Epo Obo among the Yoruba people in Southwest Nigeria that is believed to have strong anti-witchcraft properties. Traditional healers have been using it for ages to ward off evil spirits, create a protective barrier around the user or their environment, and treat convulsions. The plant is so potent that it is said evil forces cannot stand its presence and will stay away from it. This anti-witchcraft bark has been used for back to sender, to remove "evil hands" from you (Micah 5:12), and to remove blockages placed upon you.

Note: "Authentic" Epo Obo is not easy to come by therefore the availability of this formula is limited. 



  • Devil's Shoestring, which is a common ingredient in spiritual oils and other spiritual practices. It is a plant that grows in the southern United States and is believed to have protective properties. It is used in Hoodoo to "trip up the devil or bad luck" and bring protection, good luck, and success.


  • Black Cohosh, also known as Black Snake Root, is traditionally used for protection in Hoodoo. It has been used to heal rattlesnake bites or draw out the poison, and its spiritual use is to remove hexes and provide protection. It is believed to be able to ward off evil spirits and negative energies, as well as providing protection and strength to those who use it.




How to use

Take a black candle and limpia your entire body from head to toe to absorb all the negative energy. Fix candle with oil, lavendar, intent and prayers and let burn. Best done when clock hand is going down.

Remove hexes/witchcraft blockages:

  • Anti-Hex Oil w Epo Obo
  • Red Palm oil
  • New sponge
  • Add oils to sponge, cleanse body from head to toe. Afterwards discard sponge in the West


Remove hexes/witchcraft blockages:

  • Black Pepper
  • Anti-Hex Oil w Epo Obo
  • Any type of "black soap"
  • Garlic
  • Red Palm oil

You can shave or break the black soap down and add spring water or holy water to make it liquid. Add in Anti Hex oil, a dash of black pepper, garlic, red palm oil. Bathe with this for 9 nights. Each bath, take some bath water and pour it in the west


Back to Sender:

  • Wine glass or glass with stem
  • small plate
  • Anti-Hex Oil w Epo Obo
  • water
  • Small torn piece of brown paper
  • pencil


Here we are going to do the flip method. Take the glass and fill with water. Add a few drops of Anti-Hex with Epo Obo. On the small piece of brown petition paper write with the pencil "All my enemies". If you know the person's name that has sent a hex/curse towards you you can write their name but it's always safe to just write "All My Enemies", "My Enemies" etc. if you are not 100% sure. Place this paper down in the water. Take the plate and place atop the glass. Now you are going to hold your hand on top of the plate and the other hand you will grasp the stem. You are going to flip the glass over where it sits on top the plate. The water will not spill out...if you did it right. Its okay to practice this with just the tools and water before actually doing the work. Once this is done you can light a black/red reversing candle beside it. You can sit this work on top a mirror to amplify. You can burn a white or black tealight atop the glass if you don't have access to a reversing candle. You can also "butt" a black 4' taper candle and adhere to the glass. You can research on how to "butt" a candle. This is simply flipping the candle upside down and cutting off the part with the wick and shaving or cutting the bottom of it until wick appears. You will burn it on this end. The candle is reversed. 



You can pray:

Psalms 7:16

His mischief shall return upon his own head, and his violent dealing shall come down upon his own pate.


Remove Lock Blockages caused by Hexes/Witchcraft:

  • Bitter Leaf
  • A white soap of choice
  • Anti-Hex Oil w Epo Obo
  • Raw Honey

Shave or break the soap down and add spring water or holy water to make it liquid. Add in Anti-Hex Oil w Epo Obo, raw honey and bitter leaf. Bathe with this for 9 nights. After each bath, take some bath water and pour it in the west.


Babies/Children that have bad nightmares:

  • Anti-Hex Oil w Epo Obo
  • Sea Salt

Add Anti-Hex Oil w Epo Obo and sea salt to their bath.

For Favor:

  • Anti-Hex Oil w Epo Obo
  • Red Palm Oil

Add both to your bath.

Anti-Hex Oil w Epo Obo:

  • Anti-Hex Oil w Epo Obo
  • Salt

Bathe while praying for what is that you need with faith.


Other uses include anointing the crown area with the oil if you suspect hex/witchcraft has been done on the mind/head. Anoint the hands and feet as necessary. For issues related to money and finances, anoint your wallet. For health concerns, anoint the affected area on the body while praying for removal.


For "Serious" cases where nothing seems to work, please consult with an experienced practioner for additional help. Example: Health is deteriorating and doctors are unable to find anything wrong with you. 





DISCLAIMER: The purpose of our products is alleged. Our products are for curio purposes only and not intended to diagnose any physical or psychological condition or take the place of any medical treatment/diagnosis. No guarantees or warranties are implied or claimed regarding their healing, magical, psychic or health powers, virtues, genuineness, effectiveness, or whether or not any specific result will be obtained. Any information provided by and products sold via our shop are sold/provided with the understanding that our company does not have the intention of giving medical, psychological, or any other type of professional advice, nor is the information provided by our company or the items sold meant to be a replacement for traditional professional advice and treatment. I make no guarantees that this product will work for everyone and it is sold as a curio only.

Epo Obo Infused Anti-Witchcraft Oil

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