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This oil has been formulated to break the chains and shackles of your past and to eradicate these negative influences from your life. 


This oil is made in a base of Black Walnut Oil along with herbs such as Hearts Ease, Balm of Gilead, Black Walnut Hull, Lemon Peel and other herbs to assist with helping you to loose and free yourself from your past emotional baggage. This oil can be used with my Cut & Clear 8oz Intention Tin Candle or any other candle, in a bath or worn. 


When letting go of things, especially people, you have to do your part as well. Oils and Candles work on the spiritual level but you have to do your due diligence on the physical plane as well. Along with Cut & Clear oils and candles, a Black Walnut Bath is an excellent bath to take along with doing these rituals. 


My teacher and mentor, Doktor Khozmiq Newage, discussed Black Walnut baths on his IG @Khozmiq. Why do we use Black Walnuts? Why does it work in these type workings and why is it a staple herb to use in any Cut & Clear products or baths.


'Black Walnut baths will begin to weaken the energetic link between you and the individual. Again, you have to do your due diligence as well. Black Walnut, as a plant, secretes a chemical ( Juglone) into the soil around it that causes everything around it to die so nothing else can compete with the nutrients it needs to absorb from the soil. So Black Walnuts can be used in a spiritual sense of killing everything at the root level, symbolically. It goes into the root level and starts to dissolve the bond of the energetic link. You still have to "pull up that tree" but you won't be bound by that root structure. Black Walnuts can help to dissolve the root structure that is energetically holding everything in place. (Constant thoughts, memories, missing them, heartache etc.) '


"I disengage the fetters, the chains, the shackles that has my soul bound up with yours due to this offense to me." - Khozmiq Newage (my teacher)


Go check him out on Instagram and follow @Khozmiq, Hoodoo Bible Study on Facebook


~I make no guarantees and products are sold as a curio only~

Cut & Clear Oil

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