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"But the Lord is righteous; he has cut me free from the cords of the wicked"

Psalms 129:4


Cut & Clear Candle


This is a home crafted Cut & Clear Candle infused with intent and energy to loose and free yourself any negative relationships, emotional baggage and can also be used along beside Road Opening work to remove energy that is obstructing your path to progress to assist with "Cutting and Clearing" it out the way. This candle is great when you are working on releasing emotions from a break up with a former romantic partner. 


Made with soy wax and fixed with Cut & Clear and Healing oils, Balm of Gilead to help soothe a broken heart, All Heal to assist in emotional healing, Black Walnut husk to cleanse and assist with the releasing of unhealthy attachments and various other cleansing and cutting herbs. 


 Place your intention into the candle with all that you want to release. A petition can be wrote and placed inside the tin's lid or wrote on the inside of the lid with a sharpie and place the candle on top. Psalms 129:4 is a great verse to use. Also, a Black Walnut bath is good to take in conjunction with any Cut & Clear candles and oils. 


I also make Cut & Clear oil which is made in a base of Black Walnut oil. 



Cut & Clear Intention 8oz Tin Candle

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