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Exodus 30:1

"And thou shalt make an altar to burn incense upon"


This is a self igniting incense (meaning you don't have to have charcoal to ignite it but can be burned on charcoal) used to compel a target or a situation to comply with your directions and commands in regards to their thougts, opinions and actions that they take on. Bring someone or a situation under your command allowing you to lead. Use to have that lasting, smoldering effect. Incense has been used for many centuries to carry your prayer/intent towards the heaven's or the universe to be granted. Master of the woods, Master Root, Bergamot and other controlling/dominating herbs and roots grinded to powder added to incense base. Bag ranges from 15g to 16g. 




  • Use with Bend over oil in various compelling/controlling rituals
  • Use to fumigate dolls, mojos, petitions and candles
  • Burn when the intended target is in the room
  • Take targets hair or personal effect and hold over incense and speak your commands and desires of them
  • Can be used for candle dressing
  • Use on charcoal with order commanding, compelling and controlling herbs
  • An old proven method of using incense is to burn along with your condition candle (Money Drawing, Come to Me etc. 7-day candle) or a plain white candle, tea light or whatever you have, or you do not have to use a candle. Place the incense on or in a heat safe container and light you candle then light the incense. Just put enough in the container to form a small mound. Take a lighter and light the incense. While it is burning, recite Psalms 23 or any verse suited for you condition if you work with Bible Verses. Psalms 23 can be used for anything, or you can simply state intent or whatever works for you. Do this every day until the candle burns out. 



Do not leave incense burning unsupervised.  Please use a heat resistant container or surface for safety. 


~I make no guarantees and products are sold as a curio only~

Controlling Incense

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