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Are you overworked yet underpaid? Overburdened and drove into the ground, exploited and getting unnecessary grief from your boss but you need your job for the time being. Are you needing to stand out among other employees that your boss seems to favor and you are needing to get that promotion or raise you feel that you deserve? Use Boss Fix Oil to help sweeten your boss up to you or to require them to do as you wish. 


Use Boss Fix to:


  • Gain Favor
  • Be viewed in a more positive light
  • Put you in line for that promotion or raise
  • Improve, refine, better your relationship with your boss and superiors
  • Command them to do as you'd like
  • Put an end to micromanagement so you can breathe at work


Ways oil can be used:


  • Place on doorknobs, computers, printers, pens etc. he/she will touch
  • Add to honey jar for your boss
  • Rub some on your desk or the heel of your shoes
  • Rub oil on your hands and touch papers that your boss will touch
  • Place oil on a business card for your boss and wear in your shoe
  • Use oil in or on any candle workings you are doing for your boss/job


~I make no guarantees and products are sold as a curio only~

Boss Fix Oil

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