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Altar Oil


To Sanctify, hallow, dedicate, prepare, consecrate, purify



“For seven days you shall make atonement for the altar and consecrate it; then the altar shall be most holy, and whatever touches the altar shall be holy.”

Exodus 29:37



Altar Oil is ideal for use before a ritual to help prepare the environment and increase your spiritual strength. Simply make a prayer over the oil.


The Altar Oil has many uses that can be beneficial to your spiritual practice. It can be used to consecrate objects, tools, sigils, candles, petitions, amulets, talismans, statues & figurines, tarot cards, and charms that you will be working with on your altar. You can also add it to Holy Water, Florida water, or Kananga water to cleanse and purify your altar and tools. If you have an Ancestor altar, the Altar Oil can be used to cleanse and consecrate it and the tools used upon it. Simply pour some into a bowl and leave it on the altar.


This oil is is always best to use on your Altar candles prior to starting any ritual. These are normally candles that you have set upon your altar that are lit once you begin your ritual along with your condition candles etc.. Your altar should be wiped down with this oil as well as the sides, leg, area behind it. And tools used in or to perform the ritual should be consecrated with the oil as well. It's also good to use on your hands and anointing your body prior to performing any rituals. 

The Altar Oil is also useful for blessing, purifying, and anointing the space where you will be performing rituals, prayers, invocations, and petitions.


Finally, it can be used to anoint furniture, bedframes, nightstands, etc. of healthy or sick people and places that may be experiencing an evil presence. The Altar Oil is an attractant of good energies and good spirits, so it is a great addition to any magical work you may be doing.

I have crafted this oil with biblical herbs for consecration and prayed over it with Exodus 29:37 and Leviticus 8: 10-11 upon my altar. Once received, depending on the work you are preparing your altar for, I have listed here various verses that you can consider praying over it before each use.


 The bottle will come with a QR code printed on the label, 4oz bottle, in which you can scan that will give you a pdf document on my Altar Oil, it's uses and various Biblical verses to pray over the oil depending on your workings:


  • Building your altar/first altar
  • Preparing the altar
  • Consecrating the altar
  • Dedicating/Preparing an altar room or space
  • To receive blessings 
  • To receive answers to your prayers
  • God's promises to Bless
  • For Promises Kept
  • Destruction of Enemy Work upon the altar (also includes a nifty working for this)
  • Anointing the Head prior to any ritual
  • Mosaic Commandments prescribing the construction of altars
  • Laws regarding the building of altars


Your Altar is a meeting place between the spiritual and physical plane. This Altar oil allows you to connect with the divine and transcend the physical world in a purified, consecrated environment. It does not alter the functions of the other instruments of the ritual. Rather, it strengthens their qualities and stimulates the energies to function properly and flow naturally.


~I make no guarantees and products are sold as a curio only~

Altar Oil

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