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Psalm 92:12-14

The righteous will flourish like a palm tree,
they will grow like a cedar of Lebanon;
planted in the house of the Lord,
they will flourish in the courts of our God.
They will still bear fruit in old age,
they will stay fresh and green

African Red Palm Oil

Palm oil is commonly used for spiritual purposes. To understand the nature of palm oil, one can simply observe its qualities. For instance, if one were to touch the surface of palm oil they could feel that it has a very smooth texture. This smooth texture is one of the key uses for palm oil in spiritual work. When offered to an energy or orisha that one is working with it is offered to assist with smoothing the road ahead, or smoothing transitions so that the road ahead is void of obstacles or unforeseen challenges that could arise.

Palm oil also had a red color which represents virility and swift action. Offering palm oil will assist with making one’s affirmed prayers to manifest much sooner than later. Palm oil is a common staple in a spirit worker’s medicine bag and is often used as offerings to most Lwa like Ogu/Ogou orisha including Esu and Ogun however it is not recommended to offer palm oil to Obatala.


  • Works like the speed of lightening (Red Color)
  • Represents Fire
  • Palms are blessed with the spirit of flourishing
  • Dip feet in palm oil to prosper with speed- Dueteronomy 33:24-25
  • Speed up prosperity
  • Use when you are experiencing slow progress
  • Use along with any road opening workings
  • Add honey to Red Palm oil, lick, speak your intentions
  • Attraction - massage over body for 7 days and wash off. Wash face with it for attraction
  • Curse Workins - The fire of god will wipe away. Use with candles, petitions
  • Marriage Issue- Add to food that you cook for lover/spouse. Call person's name while cooking and declare and decree peace, love, happiness etc. The fire of god will go into their system and the fire of love will start burning.
  • Pregnancy - Can be used to protect and prevent issues. Pour in bowl, take finger and stir 7 times while reciting Psalms 91 and Psalms 35 7 times each and take finger and draw a line or cross over stomach. Pregnancy will be protected by the fire of god
  • Protection Workins - The fire of god will go before you and consume your enemies
  • Take a raw egg and name it for a person, rub in this oil and smash it to rid yourself of people


~I make no guarantees and products are sold as a curio only~

4oz bottle

African Red Palm Oil

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