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Picture Perfect Hoodoo: How Photographs Can Boost Your Spells


Photographs are not only a way to capture memories and moments in time, but they can also hold great spiritual significance. In hoodoo, photographs can be used in a variety of ways to enhance spiritual work and connect with ancestors and spirits.


One of the most common uses of photographs in hoodoo is for ancestor work. Ancestor work involves connecting with our ancestors and seeking their guidance and wisdom. A photograph of an ancestor can serve as a powerful tool for connecting with them. By simply holding the photograph, we can feel their presence and connect with their energy. We can also use the photograph to create an ancestor altar or shrine, where we can leave offerings and communicate with them regularly.



Another way to use photographs in hoodoo is for protection. A photograph of a loved one can be used to create a protection charm or amulet. By placing the photograph in a small bag with protective herbs and carrying it with you, you can create a shield of protection around you. You can also use a photograph of a saint or spiritual figure as a source of protection, calling upon their energy to shield you from harm. A good example of this would be placing a photo of St. Michael, the archangel, behind the picture of someone you want protected. This implies that he "has their back".



Photographs can also be used in love spells and workings. By writing the name of the desired lover on the back of a photograph and placing it under a red candle, you can ignite the passion and attraction between you and your lover. You can also use a photograph to create a honey jar, where you place the photograph in a jar filled with honey and other love-drawing ingredients to sweeten the relationship and bring about a deeper connection.



In addition to these uses, photographs can also be used for divination and scrying. By focusing on a photograph of a person or situation, you can gain insight and clarity into the energy and intentions surrounding it. This can be especially useful in situations where you feel uncertain or confused about a particular situation. Photographs are a powerful tool in hoodoo and can be used for a variety of spiritual purposes. From ancestor work to protection, love spells, and divination, photographs can enhance our spiritual practice and connect us with the energies of the universe. By approaching them with respect and intention, we can harness their power and unlock their spiritual potential.


Healing & Cleansing

Another way to use photographs in hoodoo is for healing and spiritual cleansing. By placing a photograph of a person in a bowl of water with healing herbs and oils, you can create a spiritual bath that can be used to remove negative energy and promote spiritual and physical healing. You can also use photographs to create a poppet or doll baby, which can be used in healing spells and rituals. Photographs can also be used in curses and hexes.


Burning the 4 corners

In certain spiritual practices, burning the edges of a photograph can be done for various reasons. One reason is to remove any unwanted energy or negative influences that may be attached to the person or object in the photograph. Burning the edges of the photo is believed to help release these negative energies and help to purify and cleanse the photograph. Some believe that burning the four corners of a persons photo stops the targets spirit from escaping the photo. Additionally, burning the edges of a photo can also be used to enhance the power of the ritual or spell being performed. It is believed that the heat from the flames can help to amplify the energy and intention of the spell or ritual, making it more effective.



In hoodoo, a person's photo can be used in conjunction with tarot to gain insight into their current situation, future prospects, or to gain a deeper understanding of their character or personality. The photo is usually placed face down on a table or altar, and a tarot card is placed on top of it. The card represents the person's energy or essence, and the photo serves as a physical link to them. The tarot reader will then interpret the card in relation to the person in the photo, using their intuition and knowledge of tarot symbolism to gain insight into their situation. The photo can also be used as a focal point for meditation or spell work related to the person in question. It's worth noting that not all tarot readers or spiritual practitioners use photographs in conjunction with tarot, and there is no one-size-fits-all approach to tarot readings or spiritual practices. Some practitioners prefer to work solely with the cards themselves, while others incorporate a variety of tools and techniques into their readings. Ultimately, the decision to use a person's photo with tarot is up to the individual practitioner and their personal beliefs and preferences.


Reversing the photo

In some spiritual practices, turning a photograph upside down is believed to be a way to reverse a situation or to turn the tables on someone. This can be used in situations where one person wants to gain power or control over another, or to reverse a negative situation into a positive one. By turning the photograph upside down, it is believed that the energy or power of the person or situation represented in the photo is also turned upside down, thereby shifting the energy in the desired direction.


Placing of Photos in the Bible

In Hoodoo, a photo can be used as a personal concern for a specific individual in a spell or ritual. One way to enhance the power of the photo is to place it in a Bible, specifically the Book of Psalms. This is because the Book of Psalms is considered to be a powerful source of spiritual wisdom and protection in Hoodoo. The photo can be placed in the Bible at a specific Psalm that corresponds with the person's desired outcome or intention. For example, if the intention is for protection, the photo may be placed at Psalm 91. If the intention is for love or reconciliation, the photo may be placed at Psalm 45. By placing the photo in the Bible, the spiritual power of the book is believed to amplify and enhance the power of the spell or ritual being performed. It is important to note that the use of a Bible in Hoodoo does not necessarily have a religious connotation, but rather a spiritual one. The Bible is seen as a tool for accessing spiritual power and knowledge, regardless of one's religious beliefs.


Blind the eye of target/Stop Gossip

The practice of blackening out or cutting out the eyes and sewing shut the mouth on a photograph in spiritual traditions is often associated with binding spells. These types of spells are used to restrict the person depicted in the photograph from doing harm or to prevent them from spreading rumors or gossip.

By cutting out the eyes, it is believed that the person will be blinded and unable to see any harm that they may wish to inflict on the practitioner or others. Sewing shut the mouth is believed to prevent the person from speaking ill of others or spreading negative energy. The idea is that the person will be rendered powerless and unable to do harm.

In some cases, the practice may also be associated with the idea of "silencing" someone or preventing them from talking about a particular subject or issue. This can be used in situations where a person is spreading negative information or gossip about the practitioner or someone else.

Overall, the spiritual use of photographs is a fascinating and powerful aspect of hoodoo and other spiritual practices. By incorporating photographs into our spiritual work, we can deepen our connections with the energies of the universe and enhance our ability to manifest our desires. Whether we are using photographs for ancestor work, protection, love spells, or divination, they can serve as a powerful tool for spiritual growth and transformation.

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