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Devil's Shoestring: The Powerhouse Root in African American Spiritual Practices


Devil's Shoestring: The Powerhouse Root in African American Spiritual Practices


When it comes to powerful roots in African American spiritual practices, Devil's Shoestring is at the top of the list. This root has been used for centuries in various spiritual practices, including hoodoo and voodoo, for its powerful and protective properties.


What is Devil's Shoestring?


Devil's Shoestring, scientifically known as Viburnum alnifolium, is a shrub native to the southeastern United States. The root of this shrub is the part that is commonly used in spiritual practices, and it has a long and storied history in African American culture.


Uses of Devil's Shoestring


Devil's Shoestring is most commonly used for its protective and luck-bringing properties. It is believed that carrying a piece of the root with you will protect you from harm, whether that be physical harm or negative energy from others.


In addition to its protective properties, Devil's Shoestring is also believed to bring luck and prosperity to those who use it. Many people will carry a piece of the root with them when gambling or starting a new business venture or searching for a job, as it is believed to bring success and good fortune.


Devil's Shoestring in Rituals


Devil's Shoestring is often used in various rituals, from love spells to protection spells. One of the most popular rituals involving this root is a simple but powerful protection ritual. In this ritual, a piece of Devil's Shoestring root is tied to a length of red thread and worn around the ankle or wrist. This is believed to protect the wearer from harm and negative energy.


Another popular ritual involving Devil's Shoestring is the creation of a mojo bag. A mojo bag is a small bag filled with herbs, roots, and other objects that is carried on the person for its protective and luck-bringing properties. Devil's Shoestring is often included in these bags for its protective properties.


Devil's Shoestring use in Hoodoo


In Hoodoo, Devil's Shoestring is used for a variety of purposes, including for protection, good luck, and to "trip up the devil." The idea behind using Devil's Shoestring to trip up the devil is rooted in Hoodoo's belief that the devil is always trying to interfere with and block one's progress in life.


Devil's Shoestring is believed to be effective in thwarting the devil's attempts to trip up and hinder individuals, by ensnaring and entangling him in his own web of deceit. It is said that the devil will become tangled up in the Devil's Shoestring, and thus be unable to continue interfering with one's life.


Trip up someone who is “Bedeviling” you!

Matthew 18:18

Truly, I say to you, whatever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven

To "bedevil" is to cause great or continual trouble to. To cause distress, torment or harass. If you are experiencing this from any individual or situation in your life such as a person, a boss, coworker, ex, bills, neighbor this is a safe working that will bind or "trip them up" from causing you all the aforementioned things.

Bedeviling behavior can cause major distress, but there's a solution. With this safe and effective working, you can bind or "trip up" the person causing you trouble using Devil's Shoestring roots. Here's what you'll need:


  • Devil's Shoestring roots

  • Purple thread or yarn

  • Name petition paper or photograph of the person bedeviling you


To get started, gather 9 pieces of Devil's Shoestring, and place the target's name paper or photograph in the bundle. Wrap the purple thread or yarn around the bundle and name paper away from you until you can only see the tips of the Devil's Shoestring on both ends. While you're wrapping, recite Matthew 18:18 to empower your working. Once you're done, keep the bundle in a safe, dark place. To release the target, simply cut the thread or yarn away from the roots.

Additionally, Devil's Shoestring is believed to have the ability to protect individuals from evil and negative energies, and to bring good luck and success. It is often used in conjunction with other Hoodoo ingredients and rituals to create a powerful and effective spell.

Overall, the use of Devil's Shoestring in Hoodoo is just one of many examples of how Hoodoo practitioners use the power of nature and belief to influence and control their lives and circumstances.



Devil's Shoestring is a powerful and versatile root with a long history in African American spiritual practices. Whether you're looking for protection, luck, or both, this root is a must-have in your spiritual arsenal. As always, be sure to use this root and other spiritual tools with respect and intention, and always give thanks to the spirits and deities that guide you on your path.


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